Quantum Gravity

QGBooksQuantum Gravity is a series of five books set in a future Earth where worlds of the imagination have been made real by a singularity event. The details were lost in time but one thing that survived is the music.

The most badass elf in history is inside the covers at the head of a rock band, The No Shows and you can hear their hit song here, kindly re-recorded and re-mastered in this continuum for the Quantum Gravity project by Roland Hartwell and Cynic Guru.


The inspiration for this series of books was a daydream.  I’d written serious Science Fiction for three novels at this point: Silver Screen, Mappa Mundi and Natural History, plus the also-serious but weirder-than-usual Living Next Door To The God of Love.  I wonder, I thought, if I could write a book about a kick-ass woman robot.  And there should be a love interest.  But he would have to be equally up there in terms of kick-assery, and also weird in his own way, not some lumpen human so they get stuck in the ‘oh no I’m in love with a mutant’ plot.  My completely favourite fantasy element is all things elfy, so let’s have an elf.  A politically revolutionary, grimdark-with-humour, smoking-hot elf.  And let’s have literally smoking, so, half a demon.  Yes!  Now, how could such a thing come about…?


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