I’m currently open to new clients for editing and writing consultations. 

If you’re interested in my freelance editing services please write to me with the details of your project at justina.robson@gmail.com 

I offer developmental fiction editing in two grades: broad brush overviews and the full-editorial report.

There is also an option for mentoring/pep talks to chat about your writing in a less formal way within the Writers’ Room Chat.

Editorial 1

This option is designed to provide you with a clear overview of your project: where it is and where it might go, what’s great, what’s not so great, the impression it makes on a first reading.

I’ll give a brief, written report in which I make suggestions for things that you might improve or adjust. I will be looking for plot, structure, story development, dialogue, characterisation, point of view, pacing, readability, and focus.

Plus anything else you want me to check for: are there too many dinosaur-vampires? (As if there could be! But, there could be…)

This does not include line-by-line editing (see below for that).

£0.02 per word (£20 per 1,000 words)

Editorial 2

Release the Kraken! This service includes all the features of the previous version, plus:

I will provide a full line-edit on the script, looking for anything that might be causing trouble, from grammar and sentences that have run out of control to the strategic moves of battles among the stars.

You will also be invited to book one post-report chat session on Zoom or Teams where we can discuss your writing and thoughts on the development process. We can brainstorm solutions or possibilities and consider next steps towards publication.

£0.035 per word (£35 per 1,000 words)

Writers’ Room Chat

To discuss your writing in a friendly chat, talk about specific projects or career hopes and fears, plus publication dos and don’ts. Reading time for any extra fiction will be included in the per hour charge for this Zoom call meet-up.

£50 for the initial consultation, including emails and up to 3000 words of reading prior to meeting.

£40 per hour thereafter, to be arranged by mutual agreement.


I have been an informal editor and beta reader for professional writing friends for over thirty years. I’ve edited a collection of short stories for Rebellion Publishing and managed the World Bible for their After The War book series, in addition to writing a novel for that series. I’ve worked as a writer with various publishing houses and small presses including PanMacmillan, Gollancz, Bantam Dell, Rebellion Publishing, Elastic Press, Newcon Press, Comma Press. I’ve collated/organised and written the World Bible of the Transformers Prime Continuum for Hasbro. I’ve taught creative writing courses for The Arvon Foundation. I am a member of Book View Café, a writers’ collective publishing in the US and abroad. I continue to successfully publish short stories, novellas and longer works of my own. I am presently freelancing as a consulting editor for Tomorrowland.