Ebooks of Silver Screen, Mappa Mundi Out Now

Dear Readers,

Once again I arrive late to the site! But I arrive. Just to let you know that ebook versions of my first two novels, Silver Screen and Mappa Mundi, are now available from all good online retailers.

These are re-issued by me via Jabberwocky Literary Agency with splendid fun covers by the US artist Carly Janine Mazur.

I hope that you are all surviving the roller coaster of 2016 and look forward to posting more often in case any of you are still around 🙂

best wishes to everyone. J.

9 thoughts on “Ebooks of Silver Screen, Mappa Mundi Out Now”

  1. Justina, I’ve just recently found your Quantum Gravity series. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first book and I’m quite enjoying it. I was wondering if there was anywhere to find the special music track listed on the cover of the first novel.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the question – a good one! The band who recorded the track are the very super Cynic Guru. You can hear the track on YouTube here Doom

      It used to be integral to my old website but I haven’t ported over all the material. I will sort that out and assign these to the pages. Hope you enjoy the book and the music.

      1. Additional note, I have now put the song onto the Quantum Gravity page of this site. You can listen to it there whenever you like 🙂

    1. Hi. I am looking into this as I had foolishly assumed ebooks of it were available. Other rights (non ebook) are all owned by publishers at the moment. I need to clarify whether or not I can claim the ebook rights myself.

  2. Hi, Justina. I was looking at your ebooks on Amazon, and I noticed a problem with them. The text offered on the ebook of Silver Screen is not that of Silver Screen. The text provided there is in fact that of Mappa Mundi. I’m certain of this because I have compared the two texts from the preview material available on Google Books

    I’ve known Amazon to provide the wrong book in the past. When I ordered Brian Aldiss’s The Brightfount Diaries, they sent me instead his memoir Bury My Heart At W. H. Smth’s, although the book was labelled as TBD. I struggled to get in contact with Amazon about this error, so I created my nom de guerre, “The Real Fred Bloggs”, to write an Amazon review pointing it out to the world. The publisher of the book was very helpful when he saw “Fred’s” review, and gave me advice on how to get it fixed.

    It would be a pity if readers were reading Mappa Mundi and thinking that it is Silver Screen.

    1. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I’m working on getting it checked out. I hope you have a great day and get the books you want!

      1. That was quick. Silver Screen is now corrected on Amazon. Much faster than I expected.

        Many years ago, I wrote some bibliographies (strictly speaking materiographies, since they were catalogues of audio-visual materials–films and videos etc.), mercifully long out-of-print. but they’re listed on Amazon because some of the few people who bought them sold them second-hand. They were published under my real name, which happens to be the same name as a relatively famous writer of graphic novels. Somehow, Amazon got the idea that I was him, and listed one of my books on HIS author page. I contacted them to get it fixed, but they wouldn’t accept that I was who I claimed to be, and wouldn’t recognise meunless my publisher confirmed my identity. Well, good luck with that, they’re long defunct. I was able to contact my namesake, who had a similar problem with Amazon not accepting his identity. Fortunately, his publishers do still exist, and eventually my book was removed from his listings, although most of his books are still not listed on his page.

        I’ve no doubt, Justina, given your history with Amazon, that you have a rather better relationship them.

        Now, if only JABberwocky would lower the price….

      2. Well now, I wish I had the kind of powers you discuss re Amazon, but actually it’s Jabberwocky who did it. I only sent a cry for help in their direction. Sorry that you find the pricing a concern, but at least you can see they do something with the money. 🙂

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