S’Been a Long Time

Since I posted here.  I was thinking, about the novel I’m writing, which led one thing after another on a very long journey – pretty much around the entire Hundred Acre Wood.

I also paused to write three short stories in the interim.

You can find them respectively:

On Teresa Derwin’s fanzine Andromeda’s Offspring : I wrote a Lila Black story for her which started turning into a novella so it may appear in a longer and better worked out version sometime later.  “Blood and Ink” – so many more possibilities than I had time to explore…

In the new anthology from Comma Press – so new it isn’t listed or out yet but I will notify when it is.  This is a follow up anthology to “When It Changed” in which I also had a story written with and by and for actual scientists!

The third one, “Pwnage”, will appear next year in the Technology Review SF edition, again, I’ll flag after publication.

They were all fun but so diverting.  That’s what happens when the grass looks springy on the other side of the fence and you’re just a gal who cain’t say no…

And meanwhile the next two months will be filled with an short but exciting project that thrills me through my childish soul.  I can’t tell any details, but let’s just say it involves some robots in disguise…

I have always loved those.


3 thoughts on “S’Been a Long Time”

  1. You’re going to be Megatron for Halloween? Oh, now I’m really curious…sneaky of you to drop hints like that.

    Congratulations on the new stories!

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