Living Next Door To The God Of Love

I love long titles, and so rarely indulge, but this was my self-indulgence book and it’s still a favourite of mine.   It is a story that follows some time after the events of Natural History.

The US edition, complete with lovely cyberbutterfly.
The US edition, complete with lovely cyberbutterfly.

4 thoughts on “Living Next Door To The God Of Love”

  1. I bought NDTTGOL a few years ago and was enthralled by the generous world presented, and its inhabitants – or passing tourists! – The story was like a jungle full of surprises, never boring. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Justina;
    Joy. I picked up LND thinking to was time to re-read it, to discover that I hadn’t. And remembered why. I’d just started the Netherspace trilogy for Titan (book 3 out in August, yes bum month but desperate for product) and did not want to be influenced.
    You are a very good, and dangerous influencer.
    All too easy to be carried away by your speculation. Especially with a keen mind behind it. It’s there in the underlying quantum logic. . . which I mostly understand, although the last book in Quantum Gravity had me scratching my head. Wasn’t used to seeing an algorithm presented as a character or a thing. I think.
    But you also gave us the only elves I’ve ever respected. Or wanted to meet.
    And you’re one hell of a writer. Great prose, characterisation, sense of place.
    Thanks for making me think.

    1. Thank you so much, Nigel. I am so happy that you found it interesting. Last book in QG had me thinking again recently when I had to re-edit it for a new US edition! Funny how things which seem so obvious when you are writing about them don’t seem quite so clear once you return to them years later!

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