I am presently having all new covers made for the Quantum Gravity series and will be relaunching it in the USA in spring 2019. It will be available as e-books and, hopefully, print-on-demand for those who prefer paper.

As a run-up to this I will be shifting the focus of my blog from streamy-dreamy whatevs, to posts focused on these – not least because I will have to re-read them as a run-up to writing a few novellas in the same universe once my current project has been delivered.

Meanwhile I hope you are all having a good run up to the festive season. I’ve got so many books to read in the holidays that I’m already into the third stack.

I’m currently reading “Agrippina: Empress, Exile, Hustler, Whore” by Emma Southon. It’s terrifically enjoyable. If history books had been more like this I would have studied it a great deal more than I did.

One thought on “Covers”

  1. Enjoy your read 🙂
    I began to read Simon R. Green’s Hawk and Fisher series. It feels like summer while I am enjoying the upcoming winter while drinking hot tea. It feels like I am teleported in… a … fantasy California or Mexico 😉

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