The Switch

Cover by Larry Rostant

This groundbreaking new novel is a thrilling mix of science, magic and politics.

In Harmony, only model citizens are welcome.

“Harmony is the perfect society; a design showcase in which humans are being made in the image of god.

I didn’t say whose god. Certainly not mine.

As one of a select minority slated for eradication I’m giving it all a score in the low zeroes.

That being the case when someone offers you a too-good-to-be-true deal for a way out, you’re gonna take it. In the circumstances, you’d be a fool not to. Another word for freedom is ‘nothing left to lose’, right?


Turns out you can still lose your body, and then you can lose your mind.”

That was Nico, the narrator/protagonist of this story. It follows his journey from vat to orphanage to adulthood in a world where biology and society follow a particular corporate blueprint. It wasn’t made for anyone’s benefit, exactly. It was made for a particular purpose, just like Nico was, and in no way is anything fair.

If you suspect this was written out of a sense of boiling outrage at various things you’d be right. I tempered it with a convoluted story of friendship, love and betrayal.

Contains swearing, violence, homo/sexual references. If these things upset you, maybe save it for later but if you aren’t fazed by such things then you can buy it here if you are resident or purchasing from the UK. at the moment there is no US edition. I’m working on it! (date Aug.2019)