Quantum Gravity 5: Down To The Bone

The series finale.  Lila Black faces her greatest challenge yet as she walks into chaos and the realm of death.


4 thoughts on “Quantum Gravity 5: Down To The Bone”

    1. Hi, JM.

      It is the end of the series so far. What Dragon issue do you refer to? Do you mean why the dragons were circulating in the far background, nosing about?

    1. That’s quite a difficult question to answer for the following reason: originally I intended to write seven books in the series, but the publisher decided it was better to stop at five. That decision happened somewhere during the writing of book 4, so prior to book 4 I had been scattering hints about various things which I intended to use later on in 6 and 7. However, since I then had to close at 5 some of that couldn’t be taken out and/or was left hanging because I forgot about it during the re-arrangement. There are a few demonic loose ends like that lying around.

      It’s a long time ago now but I seem to remember that Mr V is a green dragon who may or may not have been related to the dragon of Aparastil Lake from book one. I had been going to get more into dragon things by book 7 after getting into Mystic Geometry in book 6. Anyhoo – Teazle’s connection to this is through the mystic geometry thing, whereby a demon of suitable personal growth (a Maha demon) ascends into higher forms, which include but are not limited to angels, dragons and gods. The same is true of the fey. It’s not a path any elf could take though, even Zal. And certainly no human. Lila might make it because she was being evolved by Other Technology (the machine part of her). “The Others” is a term that refers to the whole set of Higher Order beings, whose existence can’t be perceived by lower order creatures (so, nearly everyone in the books). Teazle can recognise Mr V through their shared perception of the Other World.

      I hope that answers your question. I don’t know any more, because I never got around to inventing it. I think I was going to follow Teazle through to full angely/dragony ascension and tie it all up through that. I don’t even have any notes to refer to, but I think it was something along those lines.

      all best wishes, Justina.

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