Quantum Gravity

QGBooksQuantum Gravity is a series of five books set in a future Earth where worlds of the imagination have been made real by a singularity event. The details were lost in time but one thing that survived is the music.

The most badass elf in history is inside the covers at the head of a rock band, The No Shows and you can hear their hit song here, kindly re-recorded and re-mastered in this continuum for the Quantum Gravity project by Roland Hartwell and Cynic Guru.


The inspiration for this series of books was a daydream.  I’d written serious Science Fiction for three novels at this point: Silver Screen, Mappa Mundi and Natural History, plus the also-serious but weirder-than-usual Living Next Door To The God of Love.  I wonder, I thought, if I could write a book about a kick-ass woman robot.  And there should be a love interest.  But he would have to be equally up there in terms of kick-assery, and also weird in his own way, not some lumpen human so they get stuck in the ‘oh no I’m in love with a mutant’ plot.  My completely favourite fantasy element is all things elfy, so let’s have an elf.  A politically revolutionary, grimdark-with-humour, smoking-hot elf.  And let’s have literally smoking, so, half a demon.  Yes!  Now, how could such a thing come about…?


    • The series is concluded. Books 1-5 have been published. That’s all there is. Not all have been published in other languages so far however. I hope this information helps.

  1. Hi,

    I absolutely love this series. And I found a short story about Lila online a while back but I lost the link to it. Could you post that please?

    Thanks for the amazing stories,


    • Thanks for your message, Ton, much appreciated. I’m not sure about the link to be honest, I will have a look. best wishes, Justina.

  2. Justina,
    …I received this in an advert from BookBub today and immediately thought of you and the Quantum series.
    I loved the books and like most, hated to see the story end.
    You have an avid follower.

    ….Advert from BookBub…..

    Angelbound: The Origins Series
    By Christina Bauer

    Myla is part human, part demon — and a ruthless warrior. This wildly imaginative fantasy series follows her as she falls for a handsome demon slayer, races to save millions of souls, and faces the terrifying King of Hell…

    $0.99 $10.99


  3. (Before I start to babble: I come from the Czech Republic, I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan and I am really bad at English tenses and recognising BrE / AmE. I sincerely apologise for confusing vocabulary. Hopefully, you will find it more funny than sad. I swear my English teachers, and the series I watch, are particularly good.)
    Oh, you got me. First time I have read Keeping It Real, I was hooked. Knowing there is a writer who writes sci-fi AND fantasy in one – and makes the story believable, not-too-plain-and-horribly-simple and not just about falling in love – was the best gift our city library could ever give to me. That was about five years ago, although in the Czech Republic the book had been published in 2009, and now I am still in love with it (and I have my own copy at home). Also, I am really upset with our publishers not having published more than one fifth of the series; honestly, that is one hell of a torture. Fortunately, the amazingness (this word probably lacks existence, but I think you will understand) of Keeping It Real made me sure that once, when there is money, I would order all of the remaining books in their original language – even if it would take another five years to search the depths of Internet through and through… and die trying. It is a big step for me since I have always been scared of not understanding the original book which would cause spoiling the pleasure of reading a great book and… and it really was a dilemma. At the age of eighteen, I finally have the courage (and the money).
    I am just planning to get books 2–5. I thought it would be good to mention there is a foreign fan of yours. I do not know how often you get “enthusiastic-fan-cheering” mail but I figured it can’t hurt.
    I love how Keeping It Real is, well, everything: you were able to make it colourful, technical, fantastic, wild, juicy, gentle, sorrowful, vivid, hot, extremely amusing (or funny? Never really understood the difference) when it comes to Zal. As a detail-eater, I appreciate descriptions of Lila’s (by the way, do you read it [Lĭla] or [Līla]?) robotic parts, the references to the quantum bomb and the cracks it caused… When I was thirteen, I think I was a bit lost when Lila arrived in Alfheim but that is the only thing I could “complain” about. Oh, I almost forgot… The complexity of elven relationships is wonderful. Seriously. A great idea.
    So… keep writing! (I am sorry not to know a better way of saying it… anyway…) … I wish you all the best!

    • Thank you so much for your kind remarks, Alžběta. It’s so great to hear from you, especially considering how much effort it took – I can only read and write in English so I am in your debt. It is wonderful to have a lovely letter like yours: I’m so happy to know that someone ‘got it’ and enjoyed the book. On days when my confidence and inspiration are low I read the letters people have sent and remember that I have got things right for some people some of the time! It always picks me up. As for ‘amazingness’ – I’ll take that compliment any day! 🙂

      I hope that you are able to get books 2-5 without any trouble and that reading my English isn’t too much like hard work.

      with all best wishes, Justina.

  4. Is there a way I can get all 5 books in ebook format? I have read the first three ages ago in paper format but would like to collect the set in ebook format. A quintology set would be a great deal for folks like me!

    Thanks again for the story.

    • I see these listed on amazon UK in Kindle format, I don’t know about other formats or suppliers. I hope this helps.

    • Dear Doug, Thanks for your note. Sorry for the delay in response. As far as I know they are available as ebooks in the USA and UK for various readers on popular bookstore sites. I looked just now and I did see them listed. I do hope that you can find them. Best wishes.

    • It is concluded at 5 books, Savanah. I may write some short fiction in the QG universe in the future as part of my Patreon activities. Best wishes, J

  5. Hi. Quantum Gravity is so far a great series. I’ve listened too the first three narrated by Khristne Hvam. Although I can’t seem to find the last two books with her fantastic audio…? It’s also terribly difficult to acquire the audio books in general and I’ve only found then on itunes which is seriously very 2014. Less than 10% of the world population use fruit to communicate these days. Great literature getting lost in the tree. You should get your publishers to wise up and make your books accessible to as many as possible..

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your note, much appreciated. When I go to amazon.com, who own audible, who made the audiobooks that I can see in the UK, I can see copies available on the US site. I don’t know if they are not visible to you or whether you’re avoiding that retailer, so I can’t say for other sources. The narrator is Mel Hudson for all 5 – which has confused me. Is your set issued by Pyr? I’m sorry I don’t have full knowledge of what is happening there. I really should. Meanwhile I hope you are able to locate a source for the final parts of the series. I will go look and see who is doing what with the audio versions.

      best wishes, Justina.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. It may be country specific. I’ve tried amazon / kindle without luck. They are available on “Audible” in at least Australia, maybe some other countries too, but not in Norway unfortunately.
        Norwegian media is very protectionist and there are many tv-series, audiobooks etc we can’t get due to a few but large media companies controlling the markets with the help of gov. regulation.
        Your books are also available on itunes, but would be great if they were on Google Play Store also so you could use android devices.
        In any case, I’ll just be old fashioned, buy the analog versions and read them myself! I will also be looking forward to reading your other books, as the QG series was my introduction to your writing. They’re not just incredibly refreshing and exciting page-turners but the hook for me is the ways your imagery and narrative themes really drill down relentlessly into certain aspects of the human condition and have got me mulling anew over things like honesty, integrity, beauty, consciousness, femininity, health, love.. from interesting and wholly new viewpoints.
        Thanks for that all too rare, but deeply appreciated experience!

  6. Hi Justina,

    I don’t know if you’re still reading this in 2018, but I’m currently re-reading the whole series and I still enjoy it as much as I did when I read it first in 2012!
    I was wondering if the books will ever be turned into a tv-series. That would be so awesome! There is so much visual potential in there.

    Much love from the Netherlands!


    • Thanks, Judith. How lovely to hear this! I would love a TV-series too. Come on, Netflix, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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