Quantum Gravity 1: Keeping It Real




  1. Is there a site to buy the first book in ebook format for the kindle for the U.S.? I cannot find it and Amazon only has paper copies.

  2. Thanks for the link. Amazon shows this as ‘this title is not active’ — ??? and, it is not displayed on your author page when it’s limited to Kindle Editions.

      • I wanted to pick up a copy on amazon.com this morning, but the kindle version still isn’t available.

      • Thank you for your note, Adrianne. Apologies for my late response. I hope this has been resolved for you now! Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, I see what you mean now. I had looked before and assumed it was fixed but I didn’t click through on the Kindle edition – and when you do there isn’t one, it sends you to the UK site. I need to contact PYR US and find out if they plan to do anything with the ebook rights. So sorry I have not realised this before. Thank you for your prompt.

  3. Hi
    I wanted to leave you a message about something I think that you may want to look into.
    If you get a chance you may want to research the new ghost in the shell movie and compare it to your novels. I say this because I noticed that it deviates strongly from its original plot, & instead seems to incorporate many of your novels intellectual ideas.

    • Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for the tip. I still haven’t seen the movie but I plan to. When I was writing QG I saw marketing for Ghost in the Shell the original anime series but I never watched it because I was worried I’d feel like I’d missed the boat.

      best wishes, Justina.

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