Mappa Mundi

A thriller where governments, agents and freelances vie for the winner-takes-all control of mind-control nanosystems spreading across the world by viral contagion.


  1. Yo Justina,
    Love your stuff, have just re-read Quantum Gravity for the fourth time. But mourning to find that a whole bunch of your books aren’t available on Amazon (Mappa Mundi, Living Next Door to the God of Love, Natural History, Silver Screen). Is that just the UK, or generally? And if so, are the e-books available anywhere else?

    Thanks ever so!

    • Hi Bill

      The books you refer to are out of print at the moment in the UK. I think you can get print copies from amazon US possibly if they still have stock – my statements from publishers indicate they are still selling paper copies here and there. The rights to some of those books have recently reverted to me and I will be issuing ebooks of them within the next year. I’ll announce that when they’re ready here on my page.

      Thanks for your note and support.
      best wishes, Justina.

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