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Are humans to be trusted with the important things: the structure of society, governing their own lives, meting out justice, etc, or would an AI be better suited to the job?

If an AI really cared about humanity, would it be willing to sit back and watch us bumble along, making a mess of things, or would it step in to help us, to make things better?

Despite the best of intentions, could such intervention ever work? After all, we humans are flawed, limited by our vision and by the dictates of the society that helped shape us, and an AI is limited by its programming, which is carried out by humans… At the end of the day, are any of us – human or AI – truly free?

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“Sometimes, during our roleplay moments, where we examined the most complex of human situations (which are really only complex because humans are deeply delusional creatures, and that was initially difficult to successfully replicate) I was almost sad I wasn’t a supervillain.”

Paper Hearts