Quantum Gravity Re-Launch USA is a GO for September!

Finally, I’ve set the date after some hassles and delays beyond all control and it is – 13th September 2019. That’s when Keeping It Real will re-launch as ebook and paperback in the USA. Hurrah! It will soon be followed by all the other books in the series and a box-set edition.

I will be posting images here soon so you can see the cover and promotional art which has been lovingly crafted. We at Robson Publishing* have spared no expense to make something worthy of the fans of this series! I really hope you will like them.

*Not a real thing, it’s just me seen from a different angle.

Expect to be inundated with promotional chipperness.


  1. Dear Justina
    I write science fiction and I am studying an MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University. As part of my course we study the business of writing as well as the craft of writing and I am interviewing as many people as possible in the science fiction and fantasy world. I was wondering if I could please interview you to discuss your writing process, the business side of writing, and what it means to be a science fiction and fantasy writer today. I have read Keeping It Real and I found the way you combine fantasy (magic) and science fiction (advanced tech/cyborgs) very interesting, so I’d like to talk about that too if that’s ok.
    I run the science fiction and fantasy website https://SFFdirect.com and some of my other interviews (eg with Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ian Creasey and Sarah Brooks) are written up on there so you could have a look to see the kinds of things I ask and post about. I would like to write up your interview on the website too if that’s ok. I don’t have many readers I’m afraid – I started the website for my MA but I intend to keep it going and it’s quite important to me.
    I would like to interview you face to face if that’s alright, as I find it is friendlier. I live in Leeds (Hunslet) and believe you do too? I’m able to travel anywhere convenient for you in West Yorkshire. Perhaps a coffee shop? Please let me know what you prefer. I have M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) so if possible I’d prefer a daytime meeting – my energy goes down over the course of the day so I’m very tired in the evening normally.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Caroline Humes

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your letter. I’d be glad to do an interview. I will email you.


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